It takes a lot of people to make our events great. We have awesome incentives from shopping early to earning a higher percentage of sales. Check out all the options below.


See VOLUNTEER on the right to "Register to Volunteer" to sign up for the shift(s) that works best for you. HINT: 1 sort shift = 2 regular shifts

WORKER PASS = 1 shift


SUPER MOM PASS = 3 shifts

Super moms shop first, before the crowd! They have two hours of shopping all to themselves!


We are looking for those of you who will help spread the word about Rhea Lana's in your community by distributing brochures to our target market- families with children. Possible places for brochure and poster distribution include preschools, daycares, dance studios, doctors offices, ball fields, swim meets, and more. Contact me with locations, amounts, etc.

MEN NEEDED: Set up and breakdown & Security

We need dads who will help with the set-up and the breakdown of our event equipment. We will unload(and reload) racks, tables and fixtures. When dads work, the wives love it because they get to shop early! We are also in need of some security guys to help watch the store during our peak times.


If you can help us with Radio, Television or Newspaper Coverage you will receive an Early Worker Pass. Please contact me at least 3 weeks prior to the event so we can work through details. This a very important part of our sale and you could be eligible for more than one early shopping pass.


Our great volunteers get the munchies! - This is a great way to earn a pass if time does not allow for you to work in store. Contact me at and I will give you a few options on what to bring. It a huge help to have snack food and cold drinks on hand. Crackers, granola bars, fruit, nuts, chips and dip, water and Coca Cola product.Of course everybody loves CHOCOLATE!



When you refer 3 new consignors to Rhea Lana's of N. Mississippi and they consign at least 25 items each, you will receive 75% of your overall sales and a credit for a three hour shift (worker's pass). If you refer 5 new people to our sale and they consign 25 items each, we will pay you 80% of your overall sales and credit for a three hour shift (worker's shift). If you are thinking, "I don't consign, but I can send new consignors." Super! You will receive a three hour credit (worker's pass) and $10 Rhea Lana's Cash for 3 new consignors or $20 for 5 new consignors. Be sure to tell your referral consignors to email us when they register and give us your name. If you have any questions contact me at

Host a "Rhea Lana 101" or "Coffee and Consign"

This is a super easy way to earn a three hour shift and an early shopping pass. It also increases your likelihood of getting new consignors and in turn increase your payout percentage. You simply open your home (or other venue) to atleast 5 friends interested in consigning. I come help you all get registered, get several items prepared for each of you, and get you started entering items into our system. {You can do this at your social gathers - MOPS, Bunco, etc.}




Like us on Facebook for Facebook Friend Passes. Find a link to our Facebook page in the upper right corner.


We try to send home a guest pass with every child in preschool/daycare in Desoto County. Check the sign in table and your little one's backpack. Be sure, to let me know where your kiddos go to school. I will be sure we have them on the call list!