HOST REQUIREMENTS: ▪ Work 2 or more shifts {3 hour shifts, minimum 6 hours, max 15 hours} ▪ Must be able to stand for a 3-hour shift and lift 35 pounds ▪ You pick your shifts from the list of hosting opportunities. ▪ Absolutely NO children with you during your shift.

HOST COMPENSATION SUMMARY: Compensation for 2 & 3 shifts will include a flat base pay, as well as, a shopping ticket to shop early. For those hosting more than 3 shifts, pay will also include an hourly wage. Early Shopping Tickets Compensated: ▪ 2 shifts = Platinum Shopping Ticket ▪ 3+ shifts = Launch Party Ticket (Each ticket includes presale shopping at our opening presale and a ticket to our half off presale!)

Email me for more complete details.