Feb. 17-20 ~ Landers Center Upscale Resale 

Are your kid's outgrown clothes, toys, and stuff taking over your house?
Tired of paying high prices for name brands that your kids quickly outgrown?

We are YOUR solution!! 


Rhea Lana's is an award-winning semi-annual children's consignment event! Hundreds of families sell thousands of gently used, HIGH-QUALITY children's clothes, shoes, toys, books, DVDs, baby equipment, gently used maternity clothes, and much much more at affordable prices. 



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Wondering How To Consign?

Click the image below to watch this short video that walks you through each step! 

Clear the Clutter ~ Make the Money

Consignor Incentives: 

- No marketplace meetup

- No no-shows & No price haggling

- Clear the clutter in one stop

- Consignors Earn 65-75%

- Items are guaranteed against loss

- Watch sales live online

- Smartphone voice entry on the Rhea Lana's App

- Check is ready on pick up day



What IS consigning?


Are you new to this consigning thing? Wondering what it is? I understand! That was me not too long ago. Consigning simply means you allow someone else to sell your things for a small fee, usually a percentage of your selling price. With us, it means you determine the price of your items, you bring them to our store, and then as our sale ends, you get paid!!

Are you a Buy/Sell Trader? Do you head to Marketplace to sell your things? We offer a solution to your hassles -no running around town, no taking pictures to post, no messagings, no no-shows, no compromising meet ups. Safe, fast, and profitable!

Are you a re-sell store mom getting low balled with your nice things or being turned away with most of your items still in tow? Not with us!! If your items are in great shape and in style & season, they are accepted!!

 We will organize your items in an easy to shop store setting. We manage your sales. We pay you! 



Simply click or Text RLNMS to 888-976-6775

Simply click or Text RLNMS to 888-976-6775



Get Connected

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We have 3 drop options!

1) Traditional Dropoff - Consignors bring their items to the event. We provide the barcode labels on site. Consignor applies barcodes in the store then helps place items in the store. Consignors items will be gaurenteed. Consignors may donate unsold items or pick up unsold items on pickup day. (Plan 1 hour per 100 items in store.)

2) Express Dropoff - Consignors choose to either A) DONATE all unsold items or B) RELEASE GUARANTEE of items. These consignors will apply barcodes at home and must select an appointment time. Consignors bring items to event & picks up their consignor passes. Consignors that opt to not guarantee their items will pick up their items on pickup day. (Plan up to 15 minutes in store.)

3) NEW!! Appointment Only -  Consignor must apply barcode labels at home and select an appointment time. If choosing an appointment, you MUST be prompt and have ALL items labeled and ready for the sales floor. Items will be checked both for quality and to ensure all items are present. These items will be guaranteed. Please keep your items in order according to batch during transit. If you have multiple consignor ID's, please register once for each ID selected a different time for all ID's.  

Want to label at home?

There are three option for applying barcodes at home. 1) Consignor prints barcodes. 2) We will mail barcodes for a $4 fee deducted from consignor check. 3) Consignors can opt to pick up their barcodes at the event during drop hours & return home to label items.  


Consignors that donate all items will UPGRADE TO GOLD TICKET shopping!


All consignor checks will be ready on pick up day. Any checks not picked up will be mailed. Any items not picked up will be donated.
*Consignors earn 65% of sales. 


TICKETS for Early Shopping


Want to shop our presale with super low crowds?

We have several paid shopping times available to allow you to shop with a smaller crowd and shop BEFORE the masses. That means you get the BEST of the BEST deals! AND, you get to bring ONE guest!!

Want to shop presale, but don't want to purchase a ticket?

We have options for you!! We have shopping times for Expecting Moms, Teacher & Service Members, and our Social Media & Email Subscribers. Remember, our consignors shop early too!! So, consigning is a great way to shop first and earn some spending money!!

Do I have to have a ticket to shop?

No! Only our presale events require tickets or other pass to shop.









Did you know we PAY our HOST to help out in the store?

Compensation is an hourly wage of $7.50. For host that choose, their early host-exclusive shopping ticket can be deducted from their pay. Paychecks will be issued the week following our event.

Remember, here at Rhea Lana's of North Mississippi, we use "SHIFTS" in order to create a schedule that is easy for families to schedule around. Each shift is 3 hours. Shifts can be scheduled consecutively or even on different days. 

Wonder how you could FIT HOSTING IN YOUR SCHEDULE so you can shop early?

▪If you're consigning, plan for a sitter or spouse to watch the kids for several hours while you'll already be in the store. Sign up for a shift on drop off days. Then, you can check your own items in either before or after your shift!

▪If you plan to shop presale, plan for a sitter to watch the kids for an extended time. Determine when you would shop early, then selected a shift after your shopping time. 

▪Kids go to Mother's Day out on Thursday? Snag a shift for Thursday morning!

▪Huge fan of HALF PRICE PRESALE? Pick a time to work just before or after your scheduled half price shopping ticket.

▪Can Mom watch the kiddos for a bit during the day? Grab a shift when she's willing to watch those grandbabies of hers!

▪Dad home on Saturday or kiddos have a sleepover planned at a friend's? Grab a Saturday shift! 

▪Need help scheduling? Let me know. I'm happy to help!


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We accept:
Visa Master AmEx, Discover

I am always happy to answer any question! 

Rhonda Crabb

Owner, Pink Shark, LLC d/b/a Rhea Lana's of North Mississippi